These Pricks

I have a great amount of disdain for authority of many kinds.

I hate insipid service providers on the Internet who also withdraw my data subject to legal concourse. Read the FUCKING  MATERIAL people and understand this is all about civil liberty, honesty, transparency and the insidious FUCKS that run the religious institutions in this land and all over this globe.

True, when I get my heckles up it aint just fur thats flying.

I'll abide by the law of the land knowing that this country was never ceded and that the monarchy is nothing but a coloniser. Yes, I'll acknowledge that native-fuck-me-over title exists too in white man toxic Anglo lawyer speak.

Yes, I'll also acknowledge that under that occupation that THESE PRICKS will have it lorded unto us beseech thee almighty fucking god, holy maker of heaven and fucking hell on earth so help me Christ you capitalised fucking cunt. now you have the gist. Today, or maybe it was yesterday I submitted my account of what I was subjected to as a 11 year old through to 13 year old. I name no names except that of the institutions who did their very best to bury my sorry carcass under a mountain of threats and vile looking goods.

What does it take for a 48 year old man to muster his yoke and let a judicial body know it's own sorry soulless patriarchy as nothing more than testament to an Internet of things. A sorryless protected and monarchical mayhem.

So today, Figshare announced it wont hold my story in it's archive. So who, pray to the most holiest of they merciful vestry, has contacted Mr. Figshare and had my story removed? Mr. God-damned-Pell himself?

For merciful's sake get to before they are subpoenaed to remove their damning copy to.

Or get to and download the book there -

Better still download it from here for FREE  -

Till my dying breath I will exercise MY CIVIL RIGHT as a human being to defend myself against this bullshit systematic shutting down of those who have suffered at the hands of a so-called Church.

I am not even an atheist - that would mean I acknowledge that word even exists. Nothing that these institutions of torture, rape, pillage, occupation and tax less invasion will do will ever get me to acknowledge that there are not above law.

Here is my Royal Commission submission - note I do not name names, I name numbers because when you are nothing but a number then its only numbers you are getting back. 

Submission To The Royal Commission Into Sexual Abuse of Children Australia [ PDF ]

Failing that go and download it from Google Drive -