St John The Baptist

Tucked away on the corner opposite vipers of similar making is St. John The Baptist Anglican Church in Sutherland NSW Australia.

At this location, convicted pedophile William Richmond “Adrian” Sandwell perpetrated crimes against young boys and men whilst as a ‘leader’ of the Church of England Boys Society (CEBS) over a 30 year reign of destruction.

I’ve updated Wikipedia and the entry seems to have stuck -

Not surprisingly the current clergy are distancing themselves from anything that might bring them in contact with this criminal past and nor are there or likely to be any incriminations any more than the perpetuations that these illegal institutions continue to manifest. Below is a screenshot of my written submission through their website contact page suggesting my email address is already listed as ‘banned’ on their server listing.

Here is the report from the Royal Commission on the Church of England Boys Society. [ PDF ]


On the very same evening I found the following in the Bishop Abuse Tracking website.