Dr. Christine Perakslis

Dr. Christine Perakslis

Associate Professor, MBA Program
The Alan Shawn Feinstein Graduate School
Johnston & Wales University
Providence, United States of America

5th July, 2013

Received as a letter attached to an email from Christine

"..I am writing this letter on behalf of Mr. Alexander Hayes. Mr. Hayes and I have interfaced during the past year through our work relative to IEEE-SSIT (Society on Social Implications of Technology), and in particular, the annual ISTAS (International Symposium on Technology and Society) symposium. My interactions with Alex have proven to me that he is results-oriented and an individual who is gifted in solving complex problems. He is forward-looking and innovative in his approach. He responds well to challenge. His demeanour is persuasive, ambassadorial, and influential.

Mr. Hayes is proficient in communication; he effectively adapts and adjusts to his audience. During sessions, I observed he builds rapport with ease, and with the many varied personality styles. It was my observation during the annual meeting that Alex had a positive influence on the conference climate; his insights were invaluable for the necessary discourse. Additionally, he is given deference; he earns the respect of his colleagues. Alex effortlessly bore the challenge of bringing together industry, government officials, and academics to converse about the debated issues of emerging technologies during panel discussions.

After the session, my colleagues and I discussed our admiration of his style to infuse not only depth of analysis, but also to create a diplomatic environment for discourse. It is an honor to write on behalf of this individual."