Txt Me: Supporting Disengaged Youth Using Mobile Technologies


This project targeted 15–19 year-old students who have not previously succeeded in traditional classroom-based learning, and examined the option of mobile learning (m- learning) for vocational education and training (VET) providers. The project recognised that mobile phone use has become a pervasive communication tool among youth culture, and created recommendations and guidelines for VET providers on using this communication technology to support a sustainable learning culture with disengaged youth. Specifically, the project sought to find new ways to engage, motivate and sustain lifelong learning skills for these learners. Project personnel also recognised the problematic nature of the descriptor ‘disengaged’, and preferred to define the target group as ‘alternatively engaged’.

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Ison, A. et al., 2004. Txt Me: Supporting Disengaged Youth Using Mobile Technologies, Australian Flexible Learning Framework. Available at: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/1510/0b68f1bdfc1045119a917e0ad9214b304584.pdf.


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