Real Story


From as early as I can recall, I have struggled to comprehend how one human can treat another without empathy or care, in some cases purposefully compromising another person's well being. I soon discovered that for those who are strong enough, life presents challenges for us to endure, to work through and to grow our character. As luck would have it I was presented with experiences over three decades that have forged who I am, now spoken, no longer solely dictating my thoughts nor eroding my trust in others. In my case, writing this story has enabled me to get back my story - to regain my dignity, draw boundaries with others, to speak out in the hope that I can inspire others to tell their story and to keep on sharing it widely - always. The greatest gift we can give is in listening with empathy to others. To trust is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.


Hayes, Alexander (2016): #realstory. figshare.

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#realstory - 2015 - Redfern Community Centre, Sydney

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