National Snapshot: POV In Education


Alexander Hayes


Developers of POV or point-of-view technologies are often conversant with a multitude of differing industry representatives including law enforcement, extreme sports, community policing, medical and more recently the Education sector.

Amidst the cries of civil libertarians, these technologies are fast making their ways into the hands of the seemingly innocuous Educator, re-purposed for first-person rich media creation, for method making recounts that can be transmitted, spread and interpreted in a manner to best befit competency based “forensic” assessment.

The rapid uptake of body worn, location enabled mobile network accessible solutions for rich media creation and connection in extreme sports, military and medical sectors is now also challenging the mobile learning / distance education stereotype. The re-purposed application of these technologies in the education and training sector is now opening up new domains for connecting learners with educators, which in turn poses substantial challenges for organisations as they grapple with the implications that this technology undeniably imbues.

This paper presents fifteen (15) case studies which have emanated since the inaugural AUPOV Conference held in Wollongong NSW Australia in 2009, presenting a current state- of-art picture of the use of these technologies in the vocational training and tertiary sectors. 

Suggested Citation

Hayes, Alexander (2013): National Snapshot: Current Use of POV Technologies 2010 Australian Educational Context. figshare.






October 21st, 2010