RNSA Sixth Workshop: Centre For Transnational Crime Prevention (CCTP)


Invited speaker


Alexander Hayes


Uberveillance: Where Wear & Educative Arrangement


Hayes, A. (2012)."Uberveillance: Where Wear & Educative Arrangement". The Sixth Workshop on the Social Implications of National Security: Sousveillance and the Social Implications of Point of View Technologies in the Law Enforcement Sector, ITAMS, Centre for Transnational Crime Prevention (CCTP), The University of Sydney, Sydney Australia, 22 February 2011, pp. 1-10. 






Hayes, Alexander (2014): 2012 RNSA Sixth Workshop - Centre for Transnational Crime Prevention (CCTP). figshare. 




Welded Steel / Cast Iron

Various dimensions

Private Collections

Aquatic Desire

'Aquatic Desire'


Gralyn Cellars Winery

Paintings, ceramics, installation (mixed media)

Various dimensions

Private Collections

Guildford Grammar

'Guildford Grammar - Aerosol Art Program'


Aerosol on canvas

Role: Facilitator
Aerosol art program

Guildford Grammar
Perth Wester, Australia

Artists: 'Task' and 'WZone'

Various dimensions

Private collections

Project 44

'Project 44'
2002 - 2004
Artists: Alexander Hayes, Rob Muir, Ric Rue
John Curtin Gallery, Western Australia
Claisebrook Inlet, Western Australia
Wogarno Station, Western Australia
Printmaking, sonic installation, sculpture
Mixed media
Various dimensions
Private collections

Invisible Cities

'Invisible Cities'

7 October - 14 October 2004

Exhibition - Installation

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA)

Artists: Alexander Hayes, Caspar Fairhall, Rob Muir, Paul Carstairs

Data projectors, strung foam blanks, video and sound installation

Podomatic video

Archive.org - Proposal


2003 Goldfields Art Centre

In 2003 I approached the Goldfields Arts Centre in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia regarding a possible venue for an installation work using the Project 44 concept. The application was successful but the installation did not proceed due to financial difficulties.

Download the Goldfields Art Centre reply letter [ PDF ]

Speakers Corner


In 2003 I submitted a proposal to the McClelland Survey and Award along with collaborative Artist, Robert Muir who I was working with at the time with audiophonic works, installation and other arts related project in the community. It was a rather ambitious project and would have been a wonderful work if it had been accepted.

"...I pay homage to the late Craig Golding RIP who passed away soon after he had completed the Autocad designs for this art submission. I miss him everyday and as a best mate I will never forget the joy he brought to me with his crooked smile and his courage to have lived the hard and tough life he had endured."

Autocad designs for 'Speakers Corner' by Craig Golding.

Autocad designs for 'Speakers Corner' by Craig Golding.

Download the award submission here [ PDF 15.9 MBs ]

Tillbrook Street

'Tillbrook Street'


Solo Exhibition
Gomboc Gallery, Middle Swan
Western Australia

Oil on Belgian Linen

Various dimensions

Private collections

Project 44 Concept Drawings

In early 2003 I put some time into thinking about various configurations for installations that I was keen to build in conjunction with artist Rob Muir, Western Australia. In 2003 the visual diary was destroyed but I managed to scan some copies of pages which I've now uploaded to Figshare and the Internet Archive.

Access document at Figshare

Access document at the Internet Archive

2001 John Curtin Gallery

In 2001 I planned to exhibit the 'Project 44' installation at the John Curtin Gallery however this was changed to exhibit these at Claisebrook, East Perth instead,

Image: Project Notes for installation

Image: Project Notes for installation

Download the installation notes [ PDF ]

Christmas Cards


Edition of 50
Vinyl acetate on BFK paper
Various collections

On the cusp of the supposed Y2K bug I created this etching depicting the gardens of 24 Brook Road Darlington, Western Australia, looking across the terrace when we often enjoyed drinking champagne at dusk with the whole Family.

13th Annual Screen Awards

In early 1999 I was commissioned by the then CEO of the Fremantle Television Institute, Simon Ambrose in Fremantle, Western Australia to present a concept to the Board for approval for the design of the 13th Annual Screen awards. My design was accepted and I produced these with the help of contracted services to build these from chromed steel, slumped glass inserts with lead lighting. 

1998 Visual Diary

'Visual Diary'


Graphite / Ink on Paper

Various Dimensions

Artist collection 



In 1997-1998 as a fledgling first year Art student at Curtin University, Perth Western Australia  I attended a series of summer tutorial groups led by the renowned artist, Stellarc

At the time, also remember vividly assisting with a setup of a Victoria Vesna installation/exhibition at the John Curtin Gallery (from memory it had only just opened) and over the next three months also setup a number of rich media installations with sound artist Robert Muir, and TURA Events (Toss Mahoney) another Ric Rue gig at the Blue Room in Northbridge.

This gallery of images comes from my research proposal with Stellarc, an installation performance work I conducted with artist Andrew Nichols and some posters and support material I captured at the time in our tute groups, during great discussions with Julian Goddard, Doug Shearer and Prof. Ted Snell.

Printmaking Award

1993 Editorial Young Artist finds niche printmaking South Western Times, Bunbury Australia September 10

Bunkers Bay

'Bunkers Bay'


Printmaking / mixed media


Leesa Collins
Bunbury, Western Australia

1280mm x 480mm

As Times Go By


In 1993 I was commissioned by the Edith Cowan University Student Guild to produce graphic design proofs from which invitations and the event programme would be printed.

As a result I was further commissioned to create the sets for the event which included large constructions made from plywood and painted elaborately through which ball attendees were photographed in front of at the event.

Event Programme [ PDF ]