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Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), widely referred to as drones, are becoming increasingly relevant in civilian as well as military applications. UAS have been used by emergency services to help respond to and map environmental crises, to find missing people, to fight fires, and respond to traffic accidents. Their use in policing and border patrol functions is being trialled in many Western countries. Like other recent technologies (mobile phones etc), as they become cheaper and easier to use, they are likely to become much more prevalent in civilian life across a range of applications.

This conference will examine the current state of UAS capabilities and applications in civilian contexts, and explore the implications of their use for the future. Participants will learn more about their potential as well as current uses. Speakers will address questions of risks and responsibilities associated with their expanded use. While UAS can offer opportunities for increased public safety, the impacts upon safety and privacy from their misuse are likely to be significant.

The conference is relevant to those working or interested in: policing and law enforcement; border security; fire services; emergency management; and other public safety providers.


17th February 2014


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