Speakers Corner


In 2003 I submitted a proposal to the McClelland Survey and Award along with collaborative Artist, Robert Muir who I was working with at the time with audiophonic works, installation and other arts related project in the community. It was a rather ambitious project and would have been a wonderful work if it had been accepted.

"...I pay homage to the late Craig Golding RIP who passed away soon after he had completed the Autocad designs for this art submission. I miss him everyday and as a best mate I will never forget the joy he brought to me with his crooked smile and his courage to have lived the hard and tough life he had endured."

Autocad designs for 'Speakers Corner' by Craig Golding.

Autocad designs for 'Speakers Corner' by Craig Golding.

Download the award submission here [ PDF 15.9 MBs ]