In 1997-1998 as a fledgling first year Art student at Curtin University, Perth Western Australia  I attended a series of summer tutorial groups led by the renowned artist, Stellarc

At the time, also remember vividly assisting with a setup of a Victoria Vesna installation/exhibition at the John Curtin Gallery (from memory it had only just opened) and over the next three months also setup a number of rich media installations with sound artist Robert Muir, and TURA Events (Toss Mahoney) another Ric Rue gig at the Blue Room in Northbridge.

This gallery of images comes from my research proposal with Stellarc, an installation performance work I conducted with artist Andrew Nichols and some posters and support material I captured at the time in our tute groups, during great discussions with Julian Goddard, Doug Shearer and Prof. Ted Snell.