In 2015 I decided to use Tumblr as an online platform to host my nudist and naturist photos as a personal political tool connecting the world to my more explicit self identity explorations.

At the very same time I was writing my 'realstory' personal account of sexual abuse, intergenerational violence, drug and alcohol issues. You can download that 202 page book titled 'realstory' for free here -  PDF (16.3 MBs)

Note, my Tumblr site was open to the web and I will always be accountable for that site in all ways which for many they will find distasteful, defamatory and may even be labelled as self destructive. I assert that nothing is more destructive than a secret held for thirty years of sexual abuse. 

My explorations are self generated and predominantly 'soft core' in context. 



Personal stories powerfully connected. 

View, play, share because a story shared enriches peoples lives, creates opportunity and positive possibility. It is in this relatedness that the unknown comes into being and the world becomes a better place as a result.


I love portrait biography because it has an element of the unknown about it and the fact that as a creative practice, portrait biography is as powerful as it gets. Portrait biography is as personal as it is political.  

Courtesy of French philosophers Guattari and Deleuze, portrait biography is an "assemblage" or connections between parts, which as they are temporally and spatially fixed to form an entity, forge new material, collective and discursive relations that simultaneously make a phenomenon perceptible, invest it with meaning, and extend to it possibilities and constraints. [ ref. The Politics of Resource Extraction. Indigenous Peoples, Multinational Corporations and the State - Suzana Sawyer and Edmund Terence Gomez (eds.) Palgrave McMillan, 2012 New York ]

In fact, when a site viewer interacts with a contributors portrait image and their audio life story the personal often becomes political. To be the catalyst, to facilitate and to connect good people to each other as an artist is the greatest joy of all - Alexander Hayes, Co-founder



The creative practice of portrait biography brings together two powerful elements in the one location to engage the viewer.

A high resolution photographic portrait image of the subject is accompanied by an audio recording that is made playable online via the Connections.life website in proximity to the portrait photograph. The viewer is invited to simultaneously listen to the contributors life story whilst viewing and considering the photographic representation of that person.

It is often reported that site visitors will select a photographic thumbnail that most appeals to their aesthetic appreciation from the array of thumbnails available on the home page of the website and then experience a very different understanding of that individual when they have taken time to listen to that contributors life story.

It is in the practice of 'seeing' that person for who they are, not just who they appear to be that we discover a deeper connection to that human being. In many cases, having heard a contributors story, the viewer is often compelled to connect with that individual.

The power of portrait biography is that the connections between the audience (viewer) and the subject (contributor) often remains a mystery even to the Artist, Alexander Hayes. A site visitor is encouraged to seek the connection with that individual or individuals of their own accord and in that reaching out new connection bring about positive possibilities.

It is in this relatedness that the unknown comes into being and the world becomes a better place as a result.



  • Duration - There are no set time limits for how long an individual Contributor may tell their personal life story.
  • Monetary Compensation - Contributors are NOT paid any monetary compensation for their contributions to this website.
  • Focus - "...please tell the world your life story." is the only prompt provided to the Contributor at the commencement of the audio recording.
  • Themes - they are NO themes, subject delineations, genres or any other sorting mechanisms for contributions to this initiative.



  • Access - Contributors images and audio podcast recordings story are provided live to the Internet for general viewing, sharing and interpretation  subject to the personal copyright of the Artist, (The Creator) Alexander Hayes.
  • Rights - The Creator may withdraw any photo (image) and oral story (audio recording) at any time without notice to site visitors.



  • Moral Rights - The Contributor retains all moral and intellectual rights to their Contribution
  • Retraction - Contributors may retract their Contribution at any time by written request
  • Understandings - By participating in this initiative all Contributors understand that their personal photograph and their oral story (audio recording) is being made available under open access to all via the Internet.


  • License Types - All other content provided in this website is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 Unported Licence
  • Sharing - Website visitors are encouraged to share with others a select story using the direct URL of that story because direct post attribution protects the integrity and intended composition, layout and message of each website entry.



  1. Selection - A Contributor is informed of the Connections.life initiative and an invitation is generated for that individual to become a Contributor. A Contributor must be over the age of 21 years old at the point of Internet publication. 
  2. Invitation - By invitation a Contributor meets with Alexander Hayes, at the convenience of both and in a location agreed to record an oral podcast (MP3 recording) of the Contributors personal life story, only limited by reasonable everyday or situational time constraints.
  3. Photography - At the convenience of the Contributor, a series of fully clothed, seated, portrait style monochromatic photographs (usually no more than 10 photographs) are taken of the Contributor to be used in conjunction with index page gallery, main posting and any further promotional use. All photographs are converted and made available in various file formats to the Contributor in high resolution format for their personal data retention and future reuse subject to copyright and attribution licences of the Artist.
  4. Subject Release - At the time of oral podcast recording and photographic shoot the Contributor is required to sign a 'Subject Release' waiver which essentially provides a written memorandum of understanding between Contributor and the Connections.life facilitator and online web host convenor, Alexander Hayes of the core Contributions, Copyright and Attribution conditions of this initiative. The 'Subject Release' is not a legally binding document, rather a record of key contributive factors guiding the ethical distribution of and continued empathetic aggregation of the Contributors life story, including specific take-down procedures, notifications and prior consents.
  5. Web Representation - One (1) monochromatic photograph per contributor is selected by Alexander Hayes (limited filter alterations) to accompany the oral podcast recording by an individual Contributor. Each oral podcast recording is edited by Alexander Hayes, only 'topping' and 'tailing' the oral podcast recording, leaving complete all other inclusive audio intonations, interruptions, situational noise or environmental interference without exclusions. An index page thumbnail is linked to a post page containing the high resolution portrait image accompanied by a web accessible oral podcast recording for viewer interaction.
  6. Chronology - Each image is displayed in the chronology of connection by Alexander Hayes with the contributor. All web development and Contributor inclusion is entirely subject to the discretion of Alexander Hayes. No correspondence will be entered into as to order, scope, availability or editing of material made available by the website for Visitor interaction.
  7. Contributor Digital Production Understanding - as part of the 'Subject Release' the Contributor is read (oral) a clause at the point of signed agreement which indicates in writing that they understand that publication of the selected photograph/s, the audio recording and any related promotional material that contains the Contributors digital representational likeness is subject to the open aggregation of said material without restriction, without geolocation region specificity, without expiration and effectively published openly to the Internet, subject to web archive retention and recomposition by personal digital recorders and related data retention archives.
  8. Take Down Procedure - A Contributor may at any time request and have immediately expedited the removal of any Contributor specific digital representation (photograph and audio recording) in a reasonable timeframe by sending a written request for takedown via the website contact page.
  9. Copyright - the Creator, Alexander Hayes to be known as 'Artist' retains full copyright of the photograph and audio podcast recording of each Contributor, subject to the moral rights of that Contributor, seeking any other digital or print based representation of the Contributors representation use in writing, subject to the written approval of anything not mutually agreed upon in the original 'Subject Release' agreement
  10. Monetary Compensation or Profit Sharing - the Connections.life initiative is a self funded, lifelong NOT FOR PROFIT cultural activity to be known as the 'art work' whereby NO monetary compensation is provided to Contributors in any way; that NO sales, NO digital reproductions, NO print reproductions, NO exhibitions of, NO licensing, NO sub-licensing and NO form of sale or profit generation from distribution of Contributor material will EVER be permissible either by the Creator (Artist) nor by the Contributor. All digital and social media re-sharing MUST be by attribution inclusive of the full web hyperlink to the individual Contributors posting.




  1. Community of Interest - The Connections.life website, its content, related web domain provision and all related services are self funded by Alexander Hayes, as a cultural community of interest and connections actionist 'art work'.
  2.  Connections & Opportunities - This is NOT a project with any milestones nor defined outputs, nor does its development assure Contributors nor the Artist of any planned, consequential or substantive payment in monies or kind other than connections and opportunities that emanate from those connections with other human beings.
  3. Hosting - The web host, Squarespace (www.squarespace.com) is a secure personal web hosting service renewed on an annual basis providing triple redundancy web hosting data and service availability and protection. The website, access to web content and web content inclusion of Contributor material is provided on an 'as-is' basis. 



Download the Subject Release [ PDF 172KBs ]

Samia Goudie - 2016

Samia Goudie - 2016

Alexander Hayes - 2016

Alexander Hayes - 2016

Jeff Doring - 2016

Jeff Doring - 2016

Petrus Poelina Hunter - 2016

Petrus Poelina Hunter - 2016

Mervyn Eades - 2016 

Mervyn Eades - 2016 

Gerry Georgatos - 2016

Gerry Georgatos - 2016

Micklo Corpus - 2015

Micklo Corpus - 2015

Body In Another Light

Warning: This photography collection contains nudity, imagery or ideas ideas that may offend. By clicking on the title of this collection you will come in contact with this material. If you are offended by such material or that it is illegal for you to view this material in you current geographical location please do NOT visit this collection archive.

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My two Sons and my Daughter love the Woden Skate Park in Woden ACT Australia. I decided one day that rather than just sit and watch them go round and round in circles I'd get the iPhone 6S out and have a snap at the tricks and amazing "air" that these kids get in this great free community facility.

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Most Of Me

in May 2014 I began taking "selfies" using my cell phone and committed to myself that I would take them through a particularly hard time in my journey. Over that period, from May 2014 through to May 2015 I took in total 11,000 selfies. Out of all of those images I chose 25 image which best represent my emotional range during that period - from deep grief and sadness, through to happiness and freedom.

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Coven As We Keep

This body of photography was predominantly shot using my Iphone 6 whilst I travelled through the south west regional coast towns of NSW , then across through to the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria Australia visiting friends during the heart of winter and then a few more photos here in Canberra, Australia. During this time I was deeply affected by my time spent with my middle Daughter Amelia Manon, my early days connection with Magali McDuffie, my partner and was in the process of resigning from the Serving Our Country project at the Australia National University.

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Twixt States

From mid 2014 through to mid 2015 I took a series of photographs of the lake around Canberra, Australia. I was living in Kingston at the time and was running regularly around the lake "processing" the change in my life at the time.

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In March 2015 shortly after meeting Magali with Manon as well we were "married" by Manon in a beautiful pagan wedding complete with willow garlands, swan, church bells and beautiful sunsets. A hellish six months followed.

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Raw Grandeur



In February 2015 I was contacted by Sarina del Fuego from RAW to showcase on the 13th March at the Belconnen Arts Centre, Canberra, ACT. 

This is the first collaborative exhibition I have exhibited in since 2003.

It would be wonderful if you could support me by purchasing a ticket - $16.50 AUD

That ticket sale ensures we have the venue covered and allows the artists (me) to sell work without a commission. It is a model of getting events happening that make Artist's responsible for their own marketing and bringing their network into awareness of their work. I fully support this model and ask you to support me by purchasing a ticket and seeing my work and the work of other emergent and experienced artists in Caanberra.

My Mission

My mission is to sell at least one artwork and reimburse everyone's ticket in full.

Purchase A Ticket

The direct ticket purchase link is  http://www.rawartists.org/canberra/grandeur/?artist=267183

Thank you! I look very much forward to seeing you at this event.


7:30 PM start

Belconnen Arts Centre

118 Emu Bank, Belconnen

ACT, Australia

Dress Code

Smart casual through to cocktail outrageous.

Further Information

Please call me direct on +61 427996984

UAS Forum Flinders University


Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), widely referred to as drones, are becoming increasingly relevant in civilian as well as military applications. UAS have been used by emergency services to help respond to and map environmental crises, to find missing people, to fight fires, and respond to traffic accidents. Their use in policing and border patrol functions is being trialled in many Western countries. Like other recent technologies (mobile phones etc), as they become cheaper and easier to use, they are likely to become much more prevalent in civilian life across a range of applications.

This conference will examine the current state of UAS capabilities and applications in civilian contexts, and explore the implications of their use for the future. Participants will learn more about their potential as well as current uses. Speakers will address questions of risks and responsibilities associated with their expanded use. While UAS can offer opportunities for increased public safety, the impacts upon safety and privacy from their misuse are likely to be significant.

The conference is relevant to those working or interested in: policing and law enforcement; border security; fire services; emergency management; and other public safety providers.


17th February 2014


Flinders University  Event Page - http://www.flinders.edu.au/ehl/law/news-and-events/uas-forum.cfm

Conference Examines Wearable Computing Technologies In Education


K. Michael

M.G. Michael


Associate Professor Tony Herrington (Education), Dr M.G. Michael (Informatics) and Dr Katina Michael (Informatics) recently presented at the inaugural AUPOV09 national conference with its focus on wearable computing or mobile e-learning technologies.

Presenters at the conference, held at the Wollongong City Beach Function Centre, discussed a range of topics which included glasses that can record a person’s POV (Point-of-View) of the world and the wearing of helmet cameras.

The event brought together delegates representative of private enterprise, community and government registered training organisations including the Australian Navy, Australian Armed Forces, UOW, UNSW, commercial publishers, educational consultants, and POV manufacturing and retail distribution.

Suggested Citation

Alexander Hayes in Bernie Goldie, K. Michael, and M.G. Michael. "Conference examines wearable computing technologies in education" UOW News and Media: Latest News Jun. 2009.


Access article at UOW press

Access article at the Internet Archive

2012 SISAT Research Student Colloquium


Alexander Hayes


On the 11th October 2012 I attended and presented at the 2012 School of Information Systems and Technology Research Students Colloquium which was held at the City beach Function Centre in Wollongong NSW Australia, I was restricted to five slides that summarised my research PhD project.


Hayes, Alexander (2014): 2012 SISAT Research Student Colloquium. figshare.


1 - 15


24 January, 2014




Figshare - http://figshare.com/articles/2012_SISAT_RSC/912081

Slideshare - http://www.slideshare.net/alexanderhayes/2012-sisat-research-student-colloquium-30378594

UOW IBSOR Research Retreat


Alexander Hayes


As part of my third year PhD. work at the University of Wollongong I attended and presented at the University of Wollongong IIBSOR Research Retreat which was held at the Mercure Resort in Gerringong, NSW Australia on the 16th and 17th July 2012. This was an intense peer reviewed event where I presented my research works to date.


Hayes, Alexander (2014): 2010 UOW IBSOR Research Retreat. figshare. 


1 -1 5




January 24, 2014


Figshare - http://figshare.com/articles/2010_UOW_IBSOR_Research_Retreat/911657



Location Enabled Body Worn Technologies In The Australian Education Sector


Presenter - Conference


Alexander Hayes


Sydney Law School, The University of Sydney, Sydney Australia


20 - 21st February, 2012


Surveillance in / and Everyday Life: Monitoring Past, Presents and Futures Conference


Hayes, A. (2012)."Location Enabled Body Worn Technologies In The Australian Education Sector", Surveillance in / and Everyday Life: Monitoring Past, Presents and Futures Conference, Sydney Law School, The University of Sydney, Sydney Australia, 20-21st February 2012, pp. 1-20 


Sydney Uni - http://sydney.edu.au/news/law/457.html?eventcategoryid=35&eventid=8793

Conference - http://surveillanceandeveryday.com/2011/07/21/forthcoming-conference-2012/




Welded Steel / Cast Iron

Various dimensions

Private Collections

Aquatic Desire

'Aquatic Desire'


Gralyn Cellars Winery

Paintings, ceramics, installation (mixed media)

Various dimensions

Private Collections

Guildford Grammar

'Guildford Grammar - Aerosol Art Program'


Aerosol on canvas

Role: Facilitator
Aerosol art program

Guildford Grammar
Perth Wester, Australia

Artists: 'Task' and 'WZone'

Various dimensions

Private collections

Project 44

'Project 44'
2002 - 2004
Artists: Alexander Hayes, Rob Muir, Ric Rue
John Curtin Gallery, Western Australia
Claisebrook Inlet, Western Australia
Wogarno Station, Western Australia
Printmaking, sonic installation, sculpture
Mixed media
Various dimensions
Private collections