What I Hate About Facebook

This morning I awoke to a Facebook feed filled with vile hatred, misogony, racial tensions, war mongering, fake affectations from disaffected singles seeking couples for swinging good times. It's as if the assembly of humanity at it's worst and best on a daily basis feeds a facile reflection in an effort to feel good about the day that they largely have ignored from their shuttered bedrooms and cloistered minds.

I looked at the proximal adware in the side bar and in my minds eye I added it to the article someone thought I should be reading and put it all together as what it is I hate about Facebook most.

However....moving right along Facebook does have amazing properties of reaching all the wrong people at exactly the right time. The algorithms of the engine are so accurate and improved that even before we have thought of posting that stupid nose-pickin' pic we have everything at hand to say no..." ...today I will refrain from nose pickin pics and instead I'll repost a thousand affirmations that I am ok because it might make someone else happy."

The point I make is that what I hate about Facebook is that in PROXIMATION it puts all of the above together and reveals itself as being the most surveillant of the social surveillance tools we feed our daily fears and failings into. 

Just stop using it you say.

Well go on....stop using it, permanently then come back a year later and tell me how you feel yourself.