The Rise And Fall Of Masculinity

So today I receive that message above, after having tagged all nude content in my 500px site that was nude as 'nude' which you would thing denotes that the content you are posting is nude right?

Well apparently not, because the image that has been reported was the image below.

Now I am asking you as the reader whether you would deem that image above to be 'nude' and showing genitals that would constitute a breach of ....what?

Oh no....a male nipple! Eeek!

Anyway, the point being as always it has nothing to do with an online social media provider. It has everything to do with a society that is increasingly finding itself squeezed into moral snake holes where one or two individuals can bring on a change that then grossly violates the rights of those who have been vigilant and appropriate.

It also has little to do with gender either but in this has!

Anyone open web search will locate images of the said provider that clearly show vagina's, breasts and every other variant except one thing - no male penises!

Why is this do you think? Why has society allowed us to worship the Kardashian booty, selfish hole, fake tits, pumped lips, snake hips???

Why has the classical male torso, the angular, the hairy, the muscular suddenly become BANNED ? Why have we as a "liberal" web community suddenly swung hard right to a extreme that would have arch feminists even quaking and shaking in bewilderment?

Of course we agree that masculinity needs rewriting.

Of course we acknowledge that there are creeps and an idolisation of the female form that is lecherous and dangerous in isolation.

I ask the question (which seems to have no answers) where is there room any further for men to explode myths, display themselves in full human form, in black & white glory ?

As we descend into a 70 billion dollar war mongering in Australia, as we Liberalise everything till the blue ties choke every last breath from our gaging throats as often as we see male suicides rocket in this fair head coloniser nation, as we grasp for every last conservative religious moral secret and exonerate the highest of clergy from their collusive sodomy, as we target men and ensure that "we protected them from themselves and eradicated them from their own gender bents".....we are losing every ethical and accord when we suppress men from being seen as being beautiful, yes confronting, yes nude, yes hairy.

The rise and fall of masculinity must not become a political gender divide rather a unified reflection of ourselves to ourselves.

A healthy community is one that embraces male nudity and teaches it young that men and males human form is as important to anything that makes up all the rest of being on this world. As important and as beautiful as the female form. As any other gender or not.

It can all be beautiful.

To suppress artful expression is to suppress humanity. Freedom. Trust all above else.

Libre Detre!