The Revolution will be Humanized

On May 27, 2013 I met with the 'Webheads' group run by Vance Stevens and Jeff Lebow which is an online community of practice initiative spanning many years. Using the live studio facilities Jeff Lebow hosted an online web conference titled 'The Revolution Will Be Humanized: The Glass Age Apporaches' bringing together a number of guests including professor Steve Man from Toronto, Canada with conversation topics such as Google Glass, the MIT Wearable Computing group, the impacts of body worn video on society, the wider implications of ubiquitous technologies including cameras installed in everything.

"...Google Glass provides us all with a reason to question what it will mean to be interacting with our peers, family and loved ones through the fashion filter of a networked and location aware device. Body worn technologies such as Memoto and Autographer also join the list of data logging devices that we use to monitor and transmit data from our daily activities, either for health awareness, entertainment or myriad of other reasons. We discussed the benefits, risks and perhaps harm that may arise with the rollout of second generation intelligent (smart) wearable technologies in our society."


Google Glass:



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Mcveillance:  the installation or using of surveillance cameras while simultaneously prohibiting people from having or using their own cameras, hand-held magnifiers, smartphones, or the like.

Augmented Reality:

Mediated Reality:

Cyborg Anthropology:


Other links mentioned: (Steve Mann's site)

conference lanyards: (lifelogging clipon) (world's first wearable intelligent camera) (impact on education) (MathTrek)

About Math Trek:

Ingress: (Google Glass Help) (on future of lifelogging) (maps parts of brain allowing you to operate camera)


ISTAS 13:  June 27~29th

...presenters and panellists will address the implications of living in smartworlds - smart grids, smart infrastructure, smart homes, smart cars, smart people. ISTAS'13 will bring together participants sharing research, projects, and ideas about people living in smart environments. 

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