The End Of High

An entry in Facebook:

"...We are happy to confirm for you that we have fallen in love, are in a relationship, settling down which allows you to now be happy for yourselves, to feel secure and confident that the status quo has been maintained, as required and as you need it. All that is now left to do is to like this post and congratulate each other on your own confirmation of polarity."

A few days later:

"....contrary to popular belief we are not in a relationship, do not intend getting married, nor settling down, nor shopping for things we dont need, nor celebrating milestones with inscribed locks....we do not possess each other, restrict each other, nor claim forever till death do us part as a rings, no vows, no two-becomes-one...we are single, all there is left to do is unlike this post and return the security of your own lawful, wedded monogamy and celebrate with others in secret."

Have a guess which one of the above resulted in the hate mail, the vile and despicable just-below-the-surface retorts from an insecure mass of bigots?

More unfriending.