The Emotive Self

Today I sat with a friend and we discussed the many and varied ways in which we respond as emotive beings to the myriad of sensations we experience as a human being.

What surprises me is that it seems many people have no idea or clue as to what state of being they are actually resonating in or in a more ethereal expressions - " they resonate for others." I am particularly interested in this area of cognitive awareness and affiliation with self therapy as by gaining and reflecting on what state we occur in we can contemplate as to how other people receive us.

Let me give you an example.

Today I faced a certain reality of frustration at not being able to succinctly 'resolve' a state of disharmony until I realised that in no way did my expressions of impatience resolve the need of the other person who simply was asking to be heard. That simple state of stillness, acknowledging the facts and emotive state of the other and simply moving on.

So it occurred to me to look further into what constitutes those various states that we might move through in any given waking state, sometimes one following the other in fast unison. How insightful it is to contemplate the Plutchik's Colour Wheel of Emotion which makes it easier to understand why our emotional selves are such a busy and energy sapping facet of our human core.

As the diagram suggests everything is interconnected and I would posit that unlike the diagram there are instances where two or more states are experienced in unison or simultaneously. Another aspect to consider is that this is simply one of four domains which we live out and through in any given time.

A colour wheel, segmented, dissected and interlaced could be drawn up for each of the domains being our intellectual self, our physical self, our spiritual selves and of course our emotional self. I hope this post brings about some points of awareness for at least a few readers and more importantly trigger a need for us to examine where the essence of our behaviours originate from rather than simply using basic descriptors and the associated medication counteract.

We are sadly led to believe by medical professions that our constant state of anxiousness is a sole behaviour only solved with chemicals to alter our state of consciousness, to flat line us into submission as good capitalist consumers. The reality is far more complex and it is possible instead to hold forth these colour wheels and point to language far more salient and fitting our mood or personal expressions.