Streamfolio Pty Ltd

Through 2008 and early 2009 in my continued role as Director of Streamfolio Pty Ltd I travelled all over Australia and New Zealand extensively, selling wearable camera equipment, experimenting with ‘Do-It-Yourself’ wearable camera and digital video recorders as well as in-vehicle loop recorder crash cameras. Many retailers were developing smart body worn computer technologies yet as consumers we were yet to see them in any availability in Australia.

Photo: Geoff Lubich

I recall the unsettling effect of the clash of values between company directors and the divide I noted between the known usefulness of the technology yet the yawning gap of uncertainty of what long term impact these technologies would pose for humanity as a whole. My role as Operations Manager required me to work long hours away from my primary place of residence and again technological allure struck with viperous escapades into Secondlife, World of Warcraft and Halo Online.

Concurrently we were developing an online repository which enabled users to register, login and upload data from wearable technologies as well as connect learners with assessors in live time streaming that could optionally be to record and retained also. The model of this electronic portfolio enhanced for digital technology was developed by and based loosely upon the portfolio module available through the open source learning management system called Moodle. The official launch of didnt occur until 2011 in Sydney.

The awareness that educational organisations sought greater efficiencies as teaching delivery moved online meant that discussions with fellow educators and educational technologists began the acknowledge of impact of automation on the sector.

“…The whole ‘data as king’, open government and responsible innovation rhetoric was hitting home and I began seriously considering whether I’d made a serious error of judgement in the people I’d set out to work with in a private sector capacity.”