At the end of the last century, to the crashing of the Twin Towers, the onset of the Internet and the dawn of the smart phone I began my Creative Doctorate at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia.

You can read about it here -

One of the most memorable parts of that time was being a student in proximity to Stellarc -

Whilst at the Old Fire Station Gallery in Claremont, Perth Western Australia, amidst setting up a 'Third Arm' symphony sound gig and not long after being up with TURA events at Wogarno Station he said to me as a throw away comment, in passing"

"...Alex the greatest power you think you will find is in the awe factor, the shock and awe....but as an Artist we MUST be naked FIRST, always stripped down and open....then combine that with your skilful practice whatever that may be in order to be that which we truly always were....society will try and crucify you and then in not achieving it they will join you....go and be a mirror for them so that they can survive this lifetime."

I chose a conservative path for the following ten years and now I know why. It os time for me to take his advice and bravely step forward contributing now that have found my voice in none other than myself.