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Figure: Leo Gaggl @

Figure: Leo Gaggl @

In early 2013 I began to see the issues with how social media was collecting information of people as social surveillance and concurrently I noted there was a move in the education sector to follow the same model of engaging with the student - that of monitoring and harvesting.

This was evident in the ePortfolio scene and learning management systems (LMS) fraternity which Leigh Blackall had harshly criticised way back in 2006.

Around this time I began working with Leo Gaggl from on a number of initiatives that examined how a user could use the eportfolio system of an organisation yet remain and have control over the data it collected about them including their login times, IP address, device types and any number of other interrogative data points, an Open LRM. So in effect Leo articulates well the mutual 'relationship' that organisations have with learners and the responsibility they had in ensuring the privacy and security of the interaction, data and deposit of media from the student within the existing organisational e-learning infrastructure.

"...Open Learning Relationship Management - a consultative schema guiding ICT backbone development allowing for attributes, mobile enhancements, deep data drilling, identity management integration and interoperability of third party service provision. Leo Gaggl (2011)

I explored a number of options and produced some fancy graphics but found myself standing at the door knocking rather than inside looking out. The concept is sound but the practical reality of getting an organisation to sit and examine their behaviours FIRST from a socio-ethical standpoint is the real challenge.