mTech 2013

Figure: Alexander Hayes

Figure: Alexander Hayes

On August 16, 2013 I co-convened an event ‘mTECH: Mobile & Wearable Technologies - The Educational Context’ which brought together leaders in mobile learning, augmented reality, engineering and social sciences to discuss the implications that body-worn technologies may have on the Australian society. In focus were wearable lifelogging devices such as the Memoto camera and the Microsoft Sensecam. The researcher was wearing a Memoto camera throughout this time and event at the INSPIRE Centre in Canberra ACT Australia. 

"...A day long forum within which to explore the likely impact of mobile and wearable technologies in an educational context. Mobile and wearable technologies represent growing innovation in human-computer interaction which has the potential to revolutionise training and education. This event will foster sharing experiences and visions of what this means for educators and students across all education sectors both now and in the near future." - 

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