MobilizeThis 2010

Photo:  Simon Brown

Photo:  Simon Brown

‘Mobilizethis 2010’ was the last of a series of symposiums held in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 (Wade and Hayes 2010) examining the onset of elearning, mobile and body worn computing technologies across the education and arts sectors. It was convened by Dr. Bill Wade of the Arts Faculty at Charles Darwin University, Northern Territory Australia and the researcher as Facilitator. The event was held in conjunction with many university and vocational training organisations across Australia.

“… These events brought together innovators, developers, educators and interested cross-sector participants from around the world using web conferencing such as Elluminate, Adobe Connect as well as virtual MMORPG platforms such as Secondlife and Reaction Grid.

Some text here about the fact that I conducted a whole of sector engagement and then a publication on a assay of available projects in Australia & New Zealand

“...This paper is a compilation of accounts of the use of point-of-view video  technologies by educators from differing educational sectors in Australia. These case studies are presented in the applied Connectivist context, the current project or situational status all informing a contemporary position of these technologies in education and training for learners, teachers and organisations alike.” (Hayes 2010a)

Photo: M ichael Coghlan

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