Internet As Lifelog

In essence the transfer of knowledge and experience from reality into a digital space for me meant that I was able to refer others to my online electronic portfolio, my personal electronic lifelog. My intent from the outset in that regard has always been to consider the Internet as my portfolio and that my lifelog, spread across many services likely to accessible long after I have passed away.

That awareness of a digital portfolio became the key area for the consultancy that I conducted and my services to assist others with building websites using raw HTML, PHP, CSS and Macromedia Flash also put me in good stead for employment. My earliest forays into teaching were centred around the role of the computer in the curriculum and this gave rise to my connections with others who also shared this expensive passion for creation. As a result of this new passion I noted an astounding lack of time to do anything else other than learn a vast array of machine languages which a great deal of the time only resulted in minimal results.

It became obvious that the perception I had for saving time using networked technology was grossly exaggerated yet I persisted till the early hours of almost every known moment, to the detriment of my connection with others and with those who mattered most to me, my Family. It was clear to me very early on in my human computer interaction that the allure of retaining memory through a digital portfolio, a website, that could transfer an electronic version of what I had achieved, what I had created was more than an illusion. I crashed countless hard drives and corrupted many peripheral devices as a I explored what could be achieved when the first of laptops appeared in shop fronts, heavy enough to cause chronic back aches and break all baggage designed otherwise.

By considering the power of the internet as mechanism with which to communicate, by which to retain memory which was otherwise inaccessible in a non digital form, to consider the digital reality as a possible means by which to live a certain way of life lead to a number of disastrous social consequences. I noted in conversations others began alienating me from discussions as I avidly shared my discoveries of which they felt they had no part of. It was around that time also that I noted I was referring to knowledge that was drawn from electronic search engines that were far apart from the realities of their lives.