Hangout With Alexander Hayes

The researcher was invited to present at the May 18, 2014 ‘Hangout with Alexander Hayes - Google Glass in Education’ (Stevens 2014) event hosted by Learning2gether with Vance Steven in a Google hangout web conference.

“...Alexander Hayes has been associated with a number of cutting edge education projects over the years, including exploring the potential of StreamFolio, Talking VTE, POV technologies, Drones for Schools, wearable technologies (and the social implications of surveillance, sousveillance, and uberveillance) and most recently, Google Glass through posting his interviews with 60 Google Glass Explorers on YouTube and hosting the recent Glass Meetup #1 in Canberra.” (Hayes 2014)

The discussion was focussed on the educational application of Google Glass as well as body worn cameras such as POV. 

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