Hacking Alzheimers Project

Image: Hacking Alzheimers website

Image: Hacking Alzheimers website

Image: Alexander Hayes

Image: Alexander Hayes

In late 2013 the researcher began working with Andy Kropa (Capital 2015), Getty photographer and avid wearable computing fan who was working on a concept of assisting people who suffered from Alzheimer's using a range of body worn camera and other wearable technologies.

In late 2013 I co-founded with Andy Kropa the 'Memory Aide' project with initial support team including Cathal Gurrin, Rami Albatal from INSIGHT Centre, Dublin University and Professor Robert Fitzgerald from the INSPIRE Centre Canberra.

The project was inspired by Kropa and let down by the fact that Google decided to drop its 'living experiment' Google Glass just when the project was poised for alpha select testing. I enjoyed working with Andy and I am glad to see the project has prospered since I moved on with other research ventures.

 The project survived, evolved and Andy took the project on further with a successful pitch at the 2015 Creative Capital Retreat’ (Kropa 2015) and the ‘Memory Aide project and the Hacking Alzheimer's venture evolved into Haz Labs, ‘Memory Lane’ (Haz Labs 2017)

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Download Andy Kropa's seminal presentation [ PDF ]

Download the INSIGHT project technical description [ PDF ]

Download the Memory Aide Working Doc [ PDF ]

Download the HA Website Synopsis [ PDF ]

Download 'Andy Kropa's Towards a Mobile Lifelog' paper [ PDF ]

Download the 2014 Memory Aide Tagline List [ PDF]