Cougars Hunt

Julianne Moore and Ellen Page in Peter Sollett’s Freeheld

I agree that it's time to drop to drop the predatory trope, however, I'm always hesitant in anything that pull us back to consider society in renewed, reformed binary....the assertion that things are "...exceptional in normality", the banality of having a love story.

Like...what is normal?

After all, what happens when we lack context for a same-sex union of souls, a physical attraction, an emotional meld, an intellectual intertwining between humans irrespective of their ages in a legal union? 

The emphasis being here on legal union as I am speaking here of anyone OVER the age of legal consent.

That of adults engaging on a human relatedness level within the constitutions of law and lore. In every culture this differs markedly....

Let me give you a life example. When I was 26 years old I was dating (relationship) a 42 year old woman with three children for almost three years. We copped all sorts of misguided alienation and abject discriminatory comments from many people including Family.

Here's another - my partner married at age 24 to a 61 year old partner. 

...and another - I have a friends who are in a lesbian relationship with a 26 year age difference between each person.

Obviously, lacking context then we could make assumptions that one or the other is the predator, that there is a power differential that pushes over the rights and feelings of the other. "Just being in love" is the greatest thing of all I agree, provided we don't whitewash the wonderful diversity of relationships and push forward predatory trope as foundation for union between humans of diverse age range.

In most cases, we can't assume anything other than celebrate a loving union, dropping the need for assumptions, growing the relatedness of individuals rather than the homogeneity of the mass conformist lounge-chair politic.

To grow.....means we need to understand and avoid the cold comfort of the conservative and that of the conventional irrespective of the combination of human union.