Coming Into One Self

Image: Karen Lincoln Michel

Today I was involved in a conversation with Magali that was far ranging, talking of our origins, lineage and cultural experiences that in some way shape our destiny and identity.

I was heartened to see that not long after this article above popped up in our Facebook feeds which goes some in in describing what I was trying to make a point about. In essence, unless we are able to escape the egoic self, able to stop having to continuously refer to others for approval, reference or support in our decision making and when we are finally able to escape all the conditioning (at least know of it and make rational and radical decisions to thwart this conditioning when we wish to) of significant others we remain unable to attain even a self actualization.

I've lost count of how many people I've spoken to who are simply not even aware they are alive. They have little ability to even know what to say or do when they are faced with others who are even remotely outside of their own narrow social bubble.

So, this diagram shows in very simple terms where we need to be in order to be going anywhere whatsoever in life. Where are you on that Blackfoot continuum or are you (like millions of others) climbing Maslow's ladder to barely reach a state of self actualisation before you go and cark it?