ANU HCC Presentation

On the 9th April 2013 I was invited to present at the Australian National University Engineering and Computer Science event as part of the ‘HCC & Friends series’ on the main Canberra ANU Campus, ACT Australia. Another opportunity to inform the research inquiry arose with approach to Roger Clarke, Visiting Professor at the Australian National University (ANU) and President of the Australian Privacy Foundation (APF) who agreed to also join as a participant in the research project.

The title of my presentation was called ‘Veillance: Techno-social Transparency’ and the focus of the presentation and workshop was surrounding the perceptions of Google Glass impact on society, privacy and alternative technologies they believed would have a greater impact on society.

“… Lifelogging, body-worn-video and augmented / augmediated technologies will substantially shift the way in which we interact with the world and in the short term how we interact with each other. Google Glass, Memoto, Autographer, Sensecam.”

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