Antisocial Media

This was a post that I sent into the teachAndLearnOnline Group (TALO) that seems to have sealed my fate with the educational tech geek fest which I’ve consistently fragmented with actual HUMAN discussions.

TeachandLearnOnline group

1st April 2019

Thanks Vance & Kim,

I am prepared to be outraged...and to be the one that deletes it. 

Along with Instagram, Snapchat and every other god damn anti-social-doesn't-serve-any-professional-purpose-whatsoever application that eats my time and records every word I say for its own purpose.

41 Aboriginal children between the ages of 11 and 16 have suicided in Western Australia alone in the last 16 weeks. Even the Police have managed to sign up MOU's to assist human rights and social justice groups to support the families and funerals of those affected.

Do you think Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram helped at all even under subpoena to assist in any inquiry whatsoever with those families. 

Zero. None. Nada.

They know of the whereabouts every god damned second of where those kids were, what they we saying, who they were with, what they we eating, where they were sleeping, what drugs they were taking. Every second of everyday that KNEW where these kids were at. They also know where you are at, what secrets you dont even know yourself and others around you that would shock the hell out of you too.

This isn't about '...oh look at how useful this is for me in my professional life' or '...oh this doesn't affect me because I am in control of my own destiny and it's up to each and every user abuser to make their own decisions'. This isn't about '....oh look, technology is neutral and its like a pencil' nor is this about ' doesn't affect me or my family and because I am wearing the corporate badges they gave me to signify that I'm a professional in social networking, social media, social social'. 

This isn't about being a 'techno-tragic' nor 'techno-skeptic nor is it an interrogation of anyone's past successes or failings as humans being used by a system.

I'm calling it anti-social media and the sooner we all start building something different to this electronic data harvesting machine the better. Let's name these 'f&^%$#s and say 'Snapchat you suck with your devoid of ethics memory corrosion machine' and ' suck with your insidious negative, hate spreading algorithm pretending to be our more police'.

Naming and shaming a 'system' is about as effective as saying 'this is all the governments fault'.

We need to be outraged with what we know and be prepared to speak it. It's not polite nor is it civil when the very purveyors of supposed connection hold the memory, the whereabouts, the photo albums, the funeral notices and the control of billions tapping it, selling it controlling everything through it.