A Gift

I received a package in the mail today.  As I knew already it would contain nothing more than an organisations coverup of the truth of the matter pertaining to my resignation. 

I have travelled a fair distance in life over 47 years.

The lessons I've learned are in healing myself first before anything I can do for others will be of any real use. I am a strong and capable person - capable of many things.

In some cases my own justice came around many years later when those that picked on me or taken advantage of me least suspected it would happen.

My own story that took me this far has had it's fair share of extreme violence, sexual abuse, alienation, bullying and loneliness. To counteract that I've often gone quiet and hurt myself more to protect the well being of others.

Despite their own pitiful and sad life stories, a few recent bullies and sick colleagues continue to drown their sorrows or get angry to counteract their own physical disabilities, sexual preferences and inability to maintain relationships and workforce capacities without hurting others and ultimately themselves in the process.

Racist, sexist, homophobic, pompous, illiterate mafia have no place in my life. 

FOI does nothing more than protect those who already know their mission in controlling others. An organisation that holds itself as the pinnacle of academic success, supposed leader of research in this country is nothing more than the lowlife that it supports deep within its colonist bowels.

Justice is strength in knowing the numbers that share in the same secrets I have been subjected to, as they themselves have the same. The greatest gift is knowing that all will be revealed en masse.

For the public good.