2014 ElNet Australasia


I presented on the 20th May 2014 at 1130 AM as part of the ongoing webinar series with Elnet DEANZ Australiasia.

Overview: Alexander Hayes is currently engaged in a number of initiatives in his role as Professional Associate at the University of Canberra, INSPIRE Centre that are revealing the manner in which digital eyeware (including Google Glass) is currently being developed, tested or deployed in a education and training context. These settings include medical, aged care, law, policing, military, national security, gaming, architecture, transport, logistics, travel, marketing, advertising, social research, retail, fashion, information technology, science fiction, the Arts, trades practices.....

Issues: A series of scenarios were presented based on and around live projects using #glass and a number of key questions asked on attendees to respond to accordingly.  These were issued during the interactive presentation as a questionnaire / survey of no more than 5 questions and quantified results (tallys only) are made public during the webinar.

Examples / Resources