UOW Transnational Communication Project


Project Convenor  & Web Developer
July 2015 - December 2015
Transnational Communications - Community of Practice
International Relations
Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences
University of Wollongong, Australia


Working under the supervision of Associate Professor Katina Michael, will liaise with International relations team to design, develop and implement a Transnational Communications Community of Practice to involve whole of Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences in showcasing activities for international marketing purposes. Will work collaboratively with the staff of the project team, to create and maintain a website to both facilitate researcher profile formation and to ensure optimal public outreach, particularly to international communities. 


The Project Convenor / Web developer will:

  • Working closely with a project team of 6 professional staff
  • Conducting awareness and trainign workshops with researchers, staff and management
  • Designing, developing and implementing a web design project working predominantly in a virtual capacity with the Project Manager/s;
  • Building capacity by trouble shooting, adapting and problem solving the ingest of key data by use of secure web forms (Wufoo);
  • Updating the website according to management and researcher needs


 I designed, developed and implemented a large web design project bringing researchers together to showcase their work in a project known as the Transnational Communications - Community of Practice ( TCCOP). I was employed under Research Assistant rates and as an employee.

The website is accessible via http://www.iloveengineering.org