ANU Serving Our Country Project

Web & Content Developer

'Serving Our Country' Project
February 2013 - July 2015
Strategic and Defence Studies Centre
School of International, Political and Strategic Studies
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific
Australian National University

Position Description & Relationships

The Web Developer will work under the supervision of the Chief Investigator, Professor Joan Beaumont, and will liaise with other members of the project team, especially in the ANU  National Centre of Indigenous Studies (NCIS) and the National Centre for Biography (NCB).  The Web Developer will work collaboratively with the staff of the project team, including the  Research Associate and a consultant web designer, to create and maintain a website to both  facilitate research and to ensure optimal public outreach, particularly to Indigenous  communities. The ANU College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP) leads intellectual engagement with the Asia- Pacific region through research, teaching and contributions to public debate,  and seeks to set the international standard for scholarship concerning the region. The Web Developer will design, set up, prepare and create key scholarly content in multiple media for the public project website of the Australian Research Council Linkage project, Serving our Country: a history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in the Defence of Australia. The Developer will play a vital role in the success of the ARC project’s interactive e- research approach and its communication and output strategy. The Developer will design and deliver  web content for public consumption and assist in managing the web interface with the public. The position is full time for two years, with a fractional appointment for two years thereafter.

Key Responsibilities

Under the broad direction of the Chief Investigator:

  • Liaise with NCB and ANU’s IT Services (ITS) in order to organise the systems, storage platforms, databases, public delivery via website, development and implementation of a content management system and work calendar for the project as well as recommend key computer hardware, software and other necessary infrastructure.
  • Develop and create suitable and high quality content, including writing key elements for the website in collaboration with the Chief Investigators, the Research Associate and the Community Coordination Officer.
  • Prepare and co-author Conference papers and publications that reflect on website development, consideration of innovation issues and insights for Digital Humanities, the history discipline and community history.
  • Manage web content from research arising from community liaison, oral and filmed histories to ensure optimal availability on Research Commons database for community- histories and on a publicly accessible Project website.
  • Develop and implement a DAM (Digital Asset Management) front-end to the Research Commons for tagging and storing all research data.
  • Liaise and work closely with National Centre for Biography and their various database and web-management systems to plan, develop and build separate website and to create data- entries on their relevant websites.
  • Monitor and assist the Chief Investigators in the timely maintenance of the public interface of the website.
  • Undertake other duties that are consistent with the classification level of the position and in line with the principles of multi-skilling.
  • Comply with all ANU policies and procedures, and in particular those relating to work health and safety and equal opportunity.

Key Achievements

  • Advised Chief investigators with ARC support (AUSGOAL) on copyright issues;
  • Led extensive consultation with key stakeholders to develop Data Management Plan (DMP)
  • Analysed, designed, tested and resolved secure research Data Assets Management (DAM)
  • Managed high level reporting, documentation and communications via secure project CMS
  • Administered multi users, produced web, print and media content for project website
  • Improved strategies for community engagement with project outcomes

Between February 2014 and July 2015 and I designed, developed and maintained over a two year project journey the Serving Our Country project website using Squarespace and a number of social media integrations. The site was eventually migrated/ingested across to an internal ANU Drupal web frame for archival sustainability purposes.

Download the Serving Our Country Project Community Consultation Flyer 1 [ PDF ]

Download the Serving Our Country Project Community Consultation Flyer 2 [ PDF ]