Streamfolio Pty Ltd


In 2004 I began exploring how body-worn video technologies could be used in an educational context across the Vocational Education & Training sector in Australia. This topic and practice has become the basis of my PhD. research in the long term.

I identified a number of key contacts and established a community of practice discussion group which lead to the formation of Streamfolio Pty. Ltd (originally called EDUPOV Pty. Ltd ) with Mr. Geoff Lubich, Mr. Leo Gaggl and  Mr. Craig Lubich.

As a startup company we experienced all the atypical challenges that a startup faces however the core concept of a business continues to grow and prosper.

Operations Manager

Streamfolio Pty. Ltd.
Perth, Western Australia
Information Systems - ICTE
April 2009 - April 2012

Role Statement

Co- founder and Director - As Operations Manager provide front-line services, facilitate communications with clients and suppliers across an international footprint, build long-term relationships with education & training organisations in all Australian sectors and project manage complex projects across online, metropolitan, rural and remote settings.

Key Responsibilities & Relationships

  • Virtual business communication, finance, marketing and client communication management
  • Project management of multiple clients including business needs analysis, IP assignment
  • Financial management, preparation of contracts & schematic production workflow
  • Complex report writing to meet project milestone compliance
  • Co-ordinate events, team participation, online marketing and networks product promotions
  • Facilitate company business strategic planning

Significant Achievements

  • Successful start-up funding acquisition - 150k
  • Managed trademark, domain and business registration for company
  • Built and managed a client base - 171 organisations across the Australiasian education sector
  • Designed and maintained COP online network, e-commerce, information & repository websites
  • Directed and program managed a national learning technologies symposium (AUPOV09)
  • Project managed multiple national e-learning projects (AFLF)
  • Designed and maintained e-marketing, e-learning resources library & FAQ list for clients
  • Presented at numerous national conferences and industry led online event
  • Conducted research, developed cases studies and participated in appreciative inquiry events