IEEE SSSIT Web Development


Over a 12 month period I worked closely with the IEEE SSIT team to negotiate hosting with the main IEEE parent body, design, develop and implement a fully functioning and multi-administrator web presence using Wordpress which can be accessed here -

Project Manager ­- Online Community Development

October 2012 ­ - January 2013
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
The Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT)
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Piscataway, NJ 08854­4141 USA

Position Description & Relationships

Estimate, manage, implement, deploy and administer an international project engaging key stakeholders in the analysis, re­design, data migration plan, collaborative authoring and future data management plan for the IEEE SSIT Wordpress community website. Strategically analyse existing stakeholder views to inform future contributions and authorship access. Facilitate meetings regarding the continuing development of the SSIT online community and it's member recruitment activities.

Key Responsibilities

  • Engage key SSIT Board of Governor members in project scope, dependencies and risk mitigation plan
  • Produce a solutions proposal and detail the project parameters with key stakeholders
  • Identify service provider solutions within the greater IEEE for SSIT Community hosting
  • Plan, design and implement SSIT Community site build involving key stakeholders
  • Facilitate the deployment of data migration and feature enhancements from old to new
  • Meet with SSIT Board of Governor members on project development, milestones and reportable outcomes
  • Engage with archivists and previous contractors and volunteers to facilitate the migration of  legacy data
  • Design, develop and implement web accessible online help resources for key stakeholders
  • Produce high level communications and reporting to IEEE SSIT Executive


  • Substantial and demonstrated deployment of the project
  • Extensive engagement with a diverse stakeholder group in Israel, Canada, USA and  Australia
  • Lead a project team in a change management process from inception to completion
  • Conducted numerous information systems workshops and online tutorials to bring key stakeholders to an awareness the requirements for transition.
  • Designed, developed and implemented a project plan including digital content creation, ontological frameworks and troubleshooting
  • Migrated data and key structures to a new interactive web publishing platform from a static CMS with team members