Country Energy & TAFE NSW


Industry Consultant
TAFE NSW, Western Institute
Country Energy, Bathurst Australia
October 2008 - May 2009


Provide specialist industry consultation on behalf of TAFE NSW to a leading energy systems provider, consult with key stakeholders to realize project objectives, negotiate liaison points with incumbents, Team Leaders and Managers, manage role mapping to industry and national training packages, develop competency reports for analysis and implementation as well as manage and co-ordinate web conferences for teams. 


  • Conduct workforce development consultation with enterprise industry provider - Country Energy
  • Analyse, design & support accreditation pathways provision from TAFE NSW Western Institute
  • Travel interstate between workplace settings
  • Report to TAFE NSW National Business and TAFE NSW Western Institute, Business Arts & Information Technology Faculty in Orange NSW
  • Co-ordinate rigorous consultations with industry and government provider stakeholders
  • Design and implement accreditation pathway mapping activities with project team
  • Conduct equivalency mapping to AQTF standards to a tight project schedule
  • Analyse, identify and based training packages for TAFE NSW Western Institute
  • Contribute to partnership training and assessment services profiles
  • Support co-partner funding applications for Framework e-learning resource development


  • Designed benchmarking methodology for role outcomes mapping to improve efficiency
  • Mapped equivalency in 4 training packages with Country Energy Team Manager & project team
  • Implementation of 176 employee workplace interviews
  • Attendances at industry specific moderation meetings to ensure industry equivalence
  • Facilitated high level meetings between Country Energy & TAFE NSW National BusinessCo-ordinated e-learning toolbox funding submission (AFLF) LMS integration - 120k