During July through October 2013 I worked closely with Eddie Quiroz on the original Augmate website re-design also integrating Squarespace with Jotforms, Mailchimp,  RelateIQ, Zapier and gApps. Website at

Business Development Manager

July 2013 - October 2013
Augmate Corporation
New York City, United States

Position Description & Relationships

As Business Development Manager for the Australia and New Zealand region build a market position by locating, developing, defining, negotiating, establishing and maintaining business relationships. Engage with key industry stakeholders and new customers using exceptional communication & time management skills. Work closely with Augmate operations and development team, problem solving, catalysing quality assurance and using motivational behaviours to ensure sales results. Drive prospecting using CRM, project management and customer focused relations as a solutions oriented professional.

Key Responsibilities

  • Identify business opportunities across Australia & New Zealand
  • Establish new projects, partnerships and client portfolios
  • Conduct business needs analysis and solutions design
  • Manage corporate communications and network events
  • Communicate new product and service developments
  • Oversee development of marketing literature
  • Reporting and information management

Additional Duties

  • Conducted market research; analysed, prepared, presented to key stakeholders
  • Events and network activity; tracked contributors and their accomplishments
  • Publications; prepared, contributed, published and presented at numerous industry events
  • Negotiated; identified, secured and closed deals by coordinating customer requirements
  • Identified risks; predicted, managed and resolved issues using a defined risk mitigation strategy
  • Self development; identified and completed continuing professional development
  • Protected; maintain company data and IP integrity, security
  • Maintained personal networks; participated in professional networks
  • Enhanced organization reputation; explored opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.


  • Exceptional time management - operations / development teams at 14 hours time difference (NYC Central)
  • Researched and engaged online communications platform (GoToMeeting) to conduct team meetings and scrums
  • Identified, engaged and managed project consultation across mining, training and veterinary industries
  • Established, designed and implemented whole of organisation project and data management plan
  • Significantly contributed to the selection and development of an organisational CRM service (RelateIQ)
  • Significantly contributed to the selection and development of an organisational financial management service (XERO) 
  • Co-designed, content developed and tested new company online integrated website (SquareSpace)
  • Designed Australasian TRainAR prospectus and collateral kit
  • Author of investment deck, client prospectus and online web communications
  • Presented at ISMAR13, University of Adelaide, Australia