University of Notre Dame

Client: University of Notre Dame, Nulungu Research Institute
ABN: 69 330 643 210
Contact: Sandra Wooltorton, Director
Location: Broome, Western Australia

Period: July 2017 - August 2018
Type: Contract
Role: Web Administrator / Graphic Design / Filmmaker
Payment: Pro Bono - Ngikalikarra Media promotion

Engage stakeholders, establish project parameters, determine social media engagement and project funding negotiations for the Laudato Si Project ( including the Catholic Church, Broome Chamber of Commerce and the University of Notre Dame.

Content creation by Alexander Hayes included;
Laudato Si Project website - proforma and early concepts schematic;

Gerry Georgatos

"...Gerry Georgatos, Human Rights Campaigner, Australia, provides a harrowing account of the grim reality facing Aboriginal Australians and the horrific statistics of suicide and incarceration rates of Aboriginal people in 2016."

On the 29th July 2016 I assisted Magali McDuffie to produce, edit and publish a short interview with Gerry Georgatos. 

Access the Youtube video  - 17 minutes

Good Medicine Project

Client: Tara Indigenous Health Events
ABN: 38 095 961 673
Contact: Helen May (Samia) Goudie, Sole Trader
Location: Canberra, ACT, Australia


Period: July 2017 - July 2018
Type: Contract (Paid in July 2017)
Role: Project Manager / Web Designer / Graphic Designer
Payment: Reimbursement 2019/001

Project Manager maintaining communications with project stakeholders, administer project website and social media promotions, graphic design including project logo, maintain project Internet presence.

Photo: Alexander Hayes (L) Gerry Georgatos (R) Samia Goudie @ 2016 Suicide Prevention Conference, Canberra, Australia

The Good Medicine Project was created by Samia Goudie in conversation with Magali McDuffie and myself in July 2016, following Samia’s interests in helping younger Aboriginal people gain support with mental health and well being issues.

The GMP initiative was a continuation of the work Samia had undertaken in the space and our role was to provide services as both filmmakers and web content developers.

The terms of contract for this project were to:

  1. Establish and create an online presence - domain registrations and website service administration;

  2. Construct a Squarespace site and propagate with content over a year - completed;

  3. Create an Indiegogo site to raise funds for GMP - completed;

  4. Promote GMP - via social media presence - completed;

  5. Design logo for GMP - completed

The main premise of the project is captured in the project description that remains in the archive of the project website.

Good Medicine.

An international feature length film shot in HD that is Aboriginal Goori written and directed. This film will be shot across a number of Australian locations by award winning filmmakers with actors and support crew.


52 minutes of culture, country, listening deeply, connecting in love, sharing, healing featuring storylines that address the suicide epidemic we have in Australia and around the world. Excerpts from interviews with Aboriginal Elders, leaders and custodians who are working together to address this issue will also feature in the film project website.


In Aboriginal Australia, we have the worst statistics in the world and children as young as eight have taken their lives. Aboriginal Elders, leaders and custodians are working to support those in need and beyond their immediate communities. This film in many ways is about the challenges we all face in life, the hope that is generated when we help others and ways we learn to live a healthy life and happy life no matter what we the challenge.


This film is about action, about healing, about wellness. Stories of enduring strength, amazing resilience, incredible achievements despite the odds. Stories of good things. Dealing with depression, trauma, anxiety. This film will action change by connecting people and affecting change across the world.

Your Contributions

It will create conversations and lead to actions. Together we can make a difference and this film is a stepping stone to the bigger vision. We aren’t going to stop, we have big dreams, we have many amazing people and we know you are one of our supporters.

Join us, help us, support us.

Let’s build this film together!

Image: Good Medicine Projects Logo

Image: Good Medicine Projects Logo

The Good Medicine Project Website was available at and is now archived at

The Good Medicine Project Indiegogo Site was located at In total $950 was raised to support the activities of the project.

In addition to project web development Magali McDuffie recorded four short promotional films which featured known Aboriginal project mentors.

Image: Samia Goudie

Image: Samia Goudie

Social Media Promotion

Unfinished Business

Interviewee/s: Bruce Hammond, Magali McDuffie
Convenor: Alexander Hayes
Type: Online Meeting
Date: 29th May 2016
Location: Google Hangouts / Youtube
Duration: 7:49

A short discussion regarding a trip on country with Bruce to listen to and record the stories of those people who may be affected by nuclear waste dumping and other issues in South Australia.

Youtube  [ HTML ]

High School For Bungendore

During 2014 I was involved as a Committee Member and Website Administrator for the High School For Bungendore initiative.

I initiated the use of the website to share publicly the workings of the Committee, to provide access to regular news updates on the progress of the initiative and also to connect people from other areas of Australia and indeed the world to this initiative.

I completed all graphic design work for the site and print based publications that were generated as a result of the website's inception.

The website also featured stories from families who were seeking to connect with this initiative from a local and grassroots level.

Legacy website was originally located at


Through the months of June, July, August 2014 I spent time with the CAUL team advising, testing and implementing the CAUL Twitter social media platform connection.

Directions Australia

Directions Australia
April 2011 - February 2012
Manager ICT
Educational Technologies

Role Statement

Upskill Directions Australia staff in VLE systems, develop Directions Australia VLE resources and systems, improve learning management design, content and systems development. Consult with and participate in client management with Manager Client Services and reliant client services team members as well as ensuring VLE system administration complies with project management and quality assurance standards.

Key Responsibilitie

Significant Achievements

Alexander Hayes & Associates Pty. Ltd.

ICT Consultant

Self Employed
January 2008 - October 2008

Provide specialist E-Learning and project management consultation services to TAFE NSW (Sydney Institute of Technology), TAFE NSW (Western Institute), Creative Vision Enterprises Pty. Ltd. (Telopea, NSW), Atkinson Training Pty. Ltd. (Newcastle NSW), Uniting Care (NSW Parramatta) and Lavendilli-Blue (Orange, NSW).

Australian Flexible Learning Framework (AFLF)

M-learning Project Facilitator
'Moddeadly' - eLearning for Target roups Project
TAFE Western Australia
Pilbara College of TAFE
Port Headland | Karratha | Newman
August 2005 - December 2005

Travel extensively through rural and remote regions of Western Australia providing Project Facilitation for projects involving emergent mobile technologies, ISPs, educational ICTs and networked online communities funded by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework (AFLF).

TAFE NSW Granville

E-learning Project Facilitator

Access & General Education Curriculum Centre
Sydney, Australia
August 2005 - December 2005

Participate in a national online VET Community of Practice, attend workshops, provide professional development activities for stakeholders across a diverse Australian footprint.

The Engageme Project

E-Learning Project Facilitator

TAFE NSW Granville
Access & General Education Curriculum Centre
Sydney, Australia
August 2005 - December 2005

Participate in a national online VET Community of Practice, attend workshops, facilitate / provide professional development activities for stakeholders across a diverse Australian footprint.