Australian Flexible Learning Framework

Senior Education Officer

Australian Flexible Learning Framework
Various locations
January 2009 - July 2009

Role Statement

Principal Projects Manager for the Framework "Brains Trust" project ensuring quality assurance of data received from the 2009 NSW E-Learning Innovations project teams, audit data transfer to nominated CMS system and provided support to team managers in this process. I also designed and worked with a software development team for the implementation of the NSW E-Learning Innovations weblog site. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Project manage multiple teams across NSW Australia metropolitan, rural and remote locations
  • Ensure funding milestone compliance and provide professional development support
  • Quality assurance scrutiny of digital assets submissions using a digital CMS
  • Travel interstate to provide workshops and face-to-face project teams support
  • Conduct strategic consultations with NSW E-learning Innovations management team
  • Develop & implement consultation plan with funded project teams
  • Co-ordinate & conduct team interviews with project managers
  • Manage digital data collection and ensure project milestone compliance
  • Provide support to team managers & facilitators
  • Ensure delivery of service from third party suppliers
  • Provide specialist research consultation with National E-learning Innovations manager
  • Design, implement and maintain online web presence for management team

Significant Achievements

  • Designed, developed and implemented management team blogging website
  • Extensive state wide professional development consultations with project teams
  • Project management of content repository integration with enterprise CMS
  • Completion to project milestones of data collection and retention via CM
  • Successful acquittal of $1.2 million project