Ngikalikarra Media

In April 2016, my partner Magali McDuffie and I sat together quietly at the top of Gura Bung Dhaura (Stirling Park) which has been home for the Ngamberi and Ngunnawal Aboriginal people in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. We discussed the possibility of working together in a business partnership that bring our respective interests and expertise as photographer, filmmaker, web developer, researcher etc. together.

Gura Bung Dhaura (Stirling Park), Canberra ACT Australia

Gura Bung Dhaura (Stirling Park), Canberra ACT Australia

In August 2016 we returned to Broome Western Australia and discussed with Jeannie Warbie, Traditional Owner, Elder and Cultural Advisor of the Nyikina people of the Kimberley Region, Western Australia our ideas given that much of what we do is related to our work with communities and Aboriginal people. The Nyikina term 'Ngikalikarra' was given to us to grow our connections and the business name was registered and active in January 2017.

Screenshot: Embassy central, Canberra ACT Australia - We lived at 86 Schlich Street, Yarralumla

Screenshot: Embassy central, Canberra ACT Australia - We lived at 86 Schlich Street, Yarralumla

In May 2017 we decided that we had enough of living inside the 'embassy zoo' of Canberra (despite great times there with Family) and we moved to Broome, Western Australia which is about as far away as you can travel diagonally across Australia.

Screenshot: Broome, Western Australia

Screenshot: Broome, Western Australia

According to Wikipedia Broome is "...a coastal, pearling and tourist town in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, 2,240 km (1,390 mi) north of Perth. The urban population is estimated at 14,776, growing to over 45,000 per month during the tourist season."

We now have a developed constitution, a declaration and working principles and we have an operational website which you can visit at

Gerry Georgatos

"...Gerry Georgatos, Human Rights Campaigner, Australia, provides a harrowing account of the grim reality facing Aboriginal Australians and the horrific statistics of suicide and incarceration rates of Aboriginal people in 2016."

On the 29th July 2016 I assisted Magali McDuffie to produce, edit and publish a short interview with Gerry Georgatos. 

Access the Youtube video  - 17 minutes

Good Medicine Project

Photo: Alexander Hayes (L) Gerry Georgatos (R) Samia Goudie @ 2016 Suicide Prevention Conference, Canberra, Australia

The Good Medicine Project was created by Samia Goudie in conversation with Magali McDuffie and myself in July 2016, following Samia’s interests in helping younger Aboriginal people gain support with mental health and well being issues.

The GMP initiative was a continuation of the work Samia had undertaken in the space and our role was to provide services as both filmmakers and web content developers.

The terms of contract for this project were to:

  1. Establish and create an online presence - domain registrations and website service administration;

  2. Construct a Squarespace site and propagate with content over a year - completed;

  3. Create an Indiegogo site to raise funds for GMP - completed;

  4. Promote GMP - via social media presence - completed;

  5. Design logo for GMP - completed

The main premise of the project is captured in the project description that remains in the archive of the project website.

Good Medicine.

An international feature length film shot in HD that is Aboriginal Goori written and directed. This film will be shot across a number of Australian locations by award winning filmmakers with actors and support crew.


52 minutes of culture, country, listening deeply, connecting in love, sharing, healing featuring storylines that address the suicide epidemic we have in Australia and around the world. Excerpts from interviews with Aboriginal Elders, leaders and custodians who are working together to address this issue will also feature in the film project website.


In Aboriginal Australia, we have the worst statistics in the world and children as young as eight have taken their lives. Aboriginal Elders, leaders and custodians are working to support those in need and beyond their immediate communities. This film in many ways is about the challenges we all face in life, the hope that is generated when we help others and ways we learn to live a healthy life and happy life no matter what we the challenge.


This film is about action, about healing, about wellness. Stories of enduring strength, amazing resilience, incredible achievements despite the odds. Stories of good things. Dealing with depression, trauma, anxiety. This film will action change by connecting people and affecting change across the world.

Your Contributions

It will create conversations and lead to actions. Together we can make a difference and this film is a stepping stone to the bigger vision. We aren’t going to stop, we have big dreams, we have many amazing people and we know you are one of our supporters.

Join us, help us, support us.

Let’s build this film together!

Image: Good Medicine Projects Logo

Image: Good Medicine Projects Logo

The Good Medicine Project Website was available at and is now archived at

The Good Medicine Project Indiegogo Site was located at In total $950 was raised to support the activities of the project.

In addition to project web development Magali McDuffie recorded four short promotional films which featured known Aboriginal project mentors.

Image: Samia Goudie

Image: Samia Goudie

Social Media Promotion

Madjulla Incorporated


In early 2015 a s a lead Administrator and Web Developer I designed and helped establish a new web presence for Majala Incorporated migrating old content across from an existing Joomla install and re-building the whole site in a Squarespace website after extensive consultation with the whole Broome crew.

The site is located at

2016 - 2017

Between January and May 2017 Magali McDuffie and I worked on the Nyikina Cultural Database (NCDb) requiring administration of a custom dSpace repository, (which took lots of hours up loading and testing collection creations) integration with the Majala website and the development of a mobile application for access to digital content.

You can download the short paper I wrote titled A Cultural Database: Country, Community, Connection here - [ PDF 209 Kbs ]

Image: NCDb Structure: Alexander Hayes

Image: NCDb Structure: Alexander Hayes

Unfinished Business

Interviewee/s: Bruce Hammond, Magali McDuffie
Convenor: Alexander Hayes
Type: Online Meeting
Date: 29th May 2016
Location: Google Hangouts / Youtube
Duration: 7:49

A short discussion regarding a trip on country with Bruce to listen to and record the stories of those people who may be affected by nuclear waste dumping and other issues in South Australia.

Youtube  [ HTML ]

UOW Transnational Communication Project


Project Convenor  & Web Developer
July 2015 - December 2015
Transnational Communications - Community of Practice
International Relations
Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences
University of Wollongong, Australia


Working under the supervision of Associate Professor Katina Michael, will liaise with International relations team to design, develop and implement a Transnational Communications Community of Practice to involve whole of Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences in showcasing activities for international marketing purposes. Will work collaboratively with the staff of the project team, to create and maintain a website to both facilitate researcher profile formation and to ensure optimal public outreach, particularly to international communities. 


The Project Convenor / Web developer will:

  • Working closely with a project team of 6 professional staff
  • Conducting awareness and trainign workshops with researchers, staff and management
  • Designing, developing and implementing a web design project working predominantly in a virtual capacity with the Project Manager/s;
  • Building capacity by trouble shooting, adapting and problem solving the ingest of key data by use of secure web forms (Wufoo);
  • Updating the website according to management and researcher needs


 I designed, developed and implemented a large web design project bringing researchers together to showcase their work in a project known as the Transnational Communications - Community of Practice ( TCCOP). I was employed under Research Assistant rates and as an employee.

The website is accessible via

Historians of Australian Foreign Relations

In 2014 through 2015 I was the key Web Administrator for the Historians of Australian Foreign Relations.

This required me to:

  • consult with a wide array of stakeholders in site design and needs mapping;
  • design, develop and implement web design, graphic design and wire-framing for the main website;
  • administer new users induction, face-to-face and online training;
  • work closely with academics to develop and build member profiles;
  • update news content with current articles and new scholarly content;
  • advise senior management of the use of social media for promotion purposes.

ANU Serving Our Country Project

Web & Content Developer

'Serving Our Country' Project
February 2013 - July 2015
Strategic and Defence Studies Centre
School of International, Political and Strategic Studies
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific
Australian National University

Position Description & Relationships

The Web Developer will work under the supervision of the Chief Investigator, Professor Joan Beaumont, and will liaise with other members of the project team, especially in the ANU  National Centre of Indigenous Studies (NCIS) and the National Centre for Biography (NCB).  The Web Developer will work collaboratively with the staff of the project team, including the  Research Associate and a consultant web designer, to create and maintain a website to both  facilitate research and to ensure optimal public outreach, particularly to Indigenous  communities. The ANU College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP) leads intellectual engagement with the Asia- Pacific region through research, teaching and contributions to public debate,  and seeks to set the international standard for scholarship concerning the region. The Web Developer will design, set up, prepare and create key scholarly content in multiple media for the public project website of the Australian Research Council Linkage project, Serving our Country: a history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in the Defence of Australia. The Developer will play a vital role in the success of the ARC project’s interactive e- research approach and its communication and output strategy. The Developer will design and deliver  web content for public consumption and assist in managing the web interface with the public. The position is full time for two years, with a fractional appointment for two years thereafter.

Key Responsibilities

Under the broad direction of the Chief Investigator:

  • Liaise with NCB and ANU’s IT Services (ITS) in order to organise the systems, storage platforms, databases, public delivery via website, development and implementation of a content management system and work calendar for the project as well as recommend key computer hardware, software and other necessary infrastructure.
  • Develop and create suitable and high quality content, including writing key elements for the website in collaboration with the Chief Investigators, the Research Associate and the Community Coordination Officer.
  • Prepare and co-author Conference papers and publications that reflect on website development, consideration of innovation issues and insights for Digital Humanities, the history discipline and community history.
  • Manage web content from research arising from community liaison, oral and filmed histories to ensure optimal availability on Research Commons database for community- histories and on a publicly accessible Project website.
  • Develop and implement a DAM (Digital Asset Management) front-end to the Research Commons for tagging and storing all research data.
  • Liaise and work closely with National Centre for Biography and their various database and web-management systems to plan, develop and build separate website and to create data- entries on their relevant websites.
  • Monitor and assist the Chief Investigators in the timely maintenance of the public interface of the website.
  • Undertake other duties that are consistent with the classification level of the position and in line with the principles of multi-skilling.
  • Comply with all ANU policies and procedures, and in particular those relating to work health and safety and equal opportunity.

Key Achievements

  • Advised Chief investigators with ARC support (AUSGOAL) on copyright issues;
  • Led extensive consultation with key stakeholders to develop Data Management Plan (DMP)
  • Analysed, designed, tested and resolved secure research Data Assets Management (DAM)
  • Managed high level reporting, documentation and communications via secure project CMS
  • Administered multi users, produced web, print and media content for project website
  • Improved strategies for community engagement with project outcomes

Between February 2014 and July 2015 and I designed, developed and maintained over a two year project journey the Serving Our Country project website using Squarespace and a number of social media integrations. The site was eventually migrated/ingested across to an internal ANU Drupal web frame for archival sustainability purposes.

Download the Serving Our Country Project Community Consultation Flyer 1 [ PDF ]

Download the Serving Our Country Project Community Consultation Flyer 2 [ PDF ]

Paramodic Pty Ltd

In 2014 - 2015, I worked closely with Dr. Ruth Mirams from Paramedic Pty. Ltd. who has a diverse background and knowledge across the sciences, social and inter-cultural research. 

In our discussions we spoke of key areas of convergent interest including:

  • Liminality - The concept of liminality was first developed in the early 20th century by anthropologist Arnold van Gennep - read more 
  • Consilience - In science and history, consilience (also convergence of evidence or concordance of evidence) refers to the principle that evidence from independent, unrelated sources can "converge" to strong conclusions - read more
  • Relational Art - Relational art or relational aesthetics is a mode or tendency in fine art practice originally observed and highlighted by French art critic Nicolas Bourriaud - read more

We also expressed our respective positions on the ethical implications of wearable technologies including that of Google Glass - read the discussion paper

During this time we created a range of visual expressions that synthesise our collaboration.


Image: Hayes, Alexander; Jade, Mikaela; Mirams, Ruth; Fitzgerald, Robert; Bacon, Matt (2014): A Consilience Workflow. figshare.


Mirams, Ruth; Hayes, Alexander (2014): ART-tension: resolving the need to create and destroy. figshare.


Mirams, Ruth; Hayes, Alexander (2014): ART-tension: resolving the need to create and destroy. figshare.


Hayes, Alexander; Mirams, Ruth (2015): Wearable Digital Glass Technologies - Null Hypothesis. figshare.

IEEE SSSIT Web Development

Over a 12 month period I worked closely with the IEEE SSIT team to negotiate hosting with the main IEEE parent body, design, develop and implement a fully functioning and multi-administrator web presence using Wordpress which can be accessed here -

Read More

High School For Bungendore

During 2014 I was involved as a Committee Member and Website Administrator for the High School For Bungendore initiative.

I initiated the use of the website to share publicly the workings of the Committee, to provide access to regular news updates on the progress of the initiative and also to connect people from other areas of Australia and indeed the world to this initiative.

I completed all graphic design work for the site and print based publications that were generated as a result of the website's inception.

The website also featured stories from families who were seeking to connect with this initiative from a local and grassroots level.

Legacy website was originally located at


Through the months of June, July, August 2014 I spent time with the CAUL team advising, testing and implementing the CAUL Twitter social media platform connection.



During July through October 2013 I worked closely with Eddie Quiroz on the original Augmate website re-design also integrating Squarespace with Jotforms, Mailchimp,  RelateIQ, Zapier and gApps. Website at

Business Development Manager

July 2013 - October 2013
Augmate Corporation
New York City, United States

Position Description & Relationships

As Business Development Manager for the Australia and New Zealand region build a market position by locating, developing, defining, negotiating, establishing and maintaining business relationships. Engage with key industry stakeholders and new customers using exceptional communication & time management skills. Work closely with Augmate operations and development team, problem solving, catalysing quality assurance and using motivational behaviours to ensure sales results. Drive prospecting using CRM, project management and customer focused relations as a solutions oriented professional.

Key Responsibilities

  • Identify business opportunities across Australia & New Zealand
  • Establish new projects, partnerships and client portfolios
  • Conduct business needs analysis and solutions design
  • Manage corporate communications and network events
  • Communicate new product and service developments
  • Oversee development of marketing literature
  • Reporting and information management

Additional Duties

  • Conducted market research; analysed, prepared, presented to key stakeholders
  • Events and network activity; tracked contributors and their accomplishments
  • Publications; prepared, contributed, published and presented at numerous industry events
  • Negotiated; identified, secured and closed deals by coordinating customer requirements
  • Identified risks; predicted, managed and resolved issues using a defined risk mitigation strategy
  • Self development; identified and completed continuing professional development
  • Protected; maintain company data and IP integrity, security
  • Maintained personal networks; participated in professional networks
  • Enhanced organization reputation; explored opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.


  • Exceptional time management - operations / development teams at 14 hours time difference (NYC Central)
  • Researched and engaged online communications platform (GoToMeeting) to conduct team meetings and scrums
  • Identified, engaged and managed project consultation across mining, training and veterinary industries
  • Established, designed and implemented whole of organisation project and data management plan
  • Significantly contributed to the selection and development of an organisational CRM service (RelateIQ)
  • Significantly contributed to the selection and development of an organisational financial management service (XERO) 
  • Co-designed, content developed and tested new company online integrated website (SquareSpace)
  • Designed Australasian TRainAR prospectus and collateral kit
  • Author of investment deck, client prospectus and online web communications
  • Presented at ISMAR13, University of Adelaide, Australia

Australian National Data Services

Project Officer - Training & Communications
February 2012 - June 2013
Information Technology Services
Australian National Data Services (ANDS)
Australian National University (ANU)


Role Statement

Develop professionally competent front line staff in research institutions to support data sharing, data re-use, data connections and data management; support ANDS own services and information systems; develop training, web based and print based support materials; administer online conferencing facilities; facilitate frequent liaison with ANDS external stakeholders, eResearch communities and infrastructure support providers.ANDS approach is to develop partnerships with research institutions to enable Australia researchers to easily publish, discover, access and use research data.

Key Responsibilities

In the context of online and group training environments, develop and deliver materials to improve individual and institutional capability to support eResearch in areas such as data management, metadata, informatics, data applications, and cohesive institutional research data infrastructure;

  • Implement and maintain web-based and other media relating to ANDS activities;
  • Create and maintain documentation on ANDS information systems and on data management systems, procedures and policies;
  • Manage projects funded by ANDS to develop capability in research institutions;
  • Establish and maintain effective liaison with other ANDS programs and external institutions engaged in capability development;
  • Test and provide support documentation for software applications;
  • Undertake the provision of support to Committees as needed.

Significant Achievements

  • Established ANDS Web conferencing services solution - conducted scope, service supply consultation and testing of numerous products; prepared and presented reports for Director appraisal; advanced UAT including mobile; prepared, implemented professional development training with co-located staff
  • Co-founded ANDS Rich Media Working Group (RMWG) - Founding member of the ANDS Rich Media Working Group (RMWG) responsible for determining ANDS social media engagement with partners and public eg.
  • Designed and implemented ANDS Event & Media Submission (EMS) workflow for media production - Conducted extensive internal and external stakeholder consultation; prepared and presented a comprehensive ICT scoping report for Management; analyse and develop procedural schematics to represent the implementation of a whole-of-organisation event & media production workflow; contributed significantly to the JIRA software translation process
  • Facilitated the ANDS Webinar series - designed, developed and co-facilitated ANDS Webinar series with virtual and physical attendees and presenters; designed and developed templates to ease post-production requirements; promotion of event themes including research data licensing, data management, data citation and geospatial concepts governing research data
  • Conducted extensive professional development training - developed and delivered synchronous and asynchronous training; facilitated events utilising online support materials to support ANDS staff and partners using virtual systems and media production softwares
  • Established the ANDS Digital Studio - scoped requirements for provision of media backup, technical liaison and end-user testing; established and maintained a multi-user digital authoring environment
  • Contributed strategically to Project Team / ANDS Community events - provided technical consultation and liaison as well as events recording and facilitation across blended physical and virtual locations
  • Developed extensive online documentation - used corporate content management, and social media management systems to support researchers enrich their data collections using geospatial and open licensing attributes
  • Brokered and facilitated International partners liaison - worked extensively with key industry representatives, educational organisations and world thought leaders
  • Webinars - Negotiated practice timing with international guests, build GoToWebinar template using data collected from presenters, constructed workflows for event, create runsheets for Senior Management, design & implement Presenter / Administrators presentation template using Google Presentations
  • Communications - founder of the Rich Media Working Group, numerous social media demonstrations, short reports, permission-to-publish (P2) for subjects with Monash University legal for CC BY inclusion


This position presents a unique opportunity to combine an interest in information systems with a flair for training and communications. Ideal for someone who can grasp technical concepts easily and enjoys communicating them with others. You will be working with front line staff in research institutions to support data sharing, data connections and data management. You will be actively engaged in writing for the web as well as creating and delivering a range of training and information materials to support ANDS services and products. The duties of this position will require interstate travel.

Selection Criteria

  1. Progress towards postgraduate qualifications (eg. in Communication, Science Communications, Library, Information Management, IT Informatics or related fields) plus extensive relevant experience or equivalent combination of experience and / or education/training;
  2. Demonstrated experience with the issues, concepts and practices involved with eResearch, which could includes areas such as research data management and curation, metadata, informatics, data applications, digital research collections, institutional repositories, open access publishing, data analysis / data modelling, and cohesive institutional research data infrastructure;
  3. Demonstrated experience in working as part of a team engaged in enhancing institutional and individual capabilities through the development and delivery of web based and print information and learning materials;
  4. Demonstrated high level of communication and liaison skills and the ability to nurture working relationships across a broad spectrum of people
  5. Sound organisational and time management skills, including the ability to set priorities and perform well under pressure;
  6. A demonstrated understanding of equal principles and policies and a commitment to their application in a university context

Streamfolio Pty Ltd


In 2004 I began exploring how body-worn video technologies could be used in an educational context across the Vocational Education & Training sector in Australia. This topic and practice has become the basis of my PhD. research in the long term.

I identified a number of key contacts and established a community of practice discussion group which lead to the formation of Streamfolio Pty. Ltd (originally called EDUPOV Pty. Ltd ) with Mr. Geoff Lubich, Mr. Leo Gaggl and  Mr. Craig Lubich.

As a startup company we experienced all the atypical challenges that a startup faces however the core concept of a business continues to grow and prosper.

Operations Manager

Streamfolio Pty. Ltd.
Perth, Western Australia
Information Systems - ICTE
April 2009 - April 2012

Role Statement

Co- founder and Director - As Operations Manager provide front-line services, facilitate communications with clients and suppliers across an international footprint, build long-term relationships with education & training organisations in all Australian sectors and project manage complex projects across online, metropolitan, rural and remote settings.

Key Responsibilities & Relationships

  • Virtual business communication, finance, marketing and client communication management
  • Project management of multiple clients including business needs analysis, IP assignment
  • Financial management, preparation of contracts & schematic production workflow
  • Complex report writing to meet project milestone compliance
  • Co-ordinate events, team participation, online marketing and networks product promotions
  • Facilitate company business strategic planning

Significant Achievements

  • Successful start-up funding acquisition - 150k
  • Managed trademark, domain and business registration for company
  • Built and managed a client base - 171 organisations across the Australiasian education sector
  • Designed and maintained COP online network, e-commerce, information & repository websites
  • Directed and program managed a national learning technologies symposium (AUPOV09)
  • Project managed multiple national e-learning projects (AFLF)
  • Designed and maintained e-marketing, e-learning resources library & FAQ list for clients
  • Presented at numerous national conferences and industry led online event
  • Conducted research, developed cases studies and participated in appreciative inquiry events

Directions Australia

Directions Australia
April 2011 - February 2012
Manager ICT
Educational Technologies

Role Statement

Upskill Directions Australia staff in VLE systems, develop Directions Australia VLE resources and systems, improve learning management design, content and systems development. Consult with and participate in client management with Manager Client Services and reliant client services team members as well as ensuring VLE system administration complies with project management and quality assurance standards.

Key Responsibilitie

Significant Achievements