University of Wollongong - PhD. Candidate
Australian National University - Web Developer
University of Canberra, INSPIRE Centre - Professional Associate
IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology - Administrator
IEEE ISTAS13 Conference Site - Administrator
Technology & Society - Uberveillance - Author / Administrator
Historians of Australian Foreign Relations - Administrator
International Committee for the History of the Second World War - Administrator

Phd. (Engineering & Information Sciences) - University of Wollongong
Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) (Honours) - Curtin University
Bachelor of Arts (Education) - Edith Cowan University



Alexander Hayes is a practising professional artist, educator and acknowledged expert on emerging technology in an educational and workforce context, with a research focus on the implications and likely impacts of these technologies more broadly for society.

His research is contributing to how academics and practitioners alike are thinking critically about innovations such as Google Glass and related wearable technologies, social media, networked & mobile learning, unmanned aerial systems, policing, privacy, state-society relations and national security.

Hayes is currently completing a PhD. at the University of Wollongong, NSW within the Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences (EIS), School of Informations Systems & Technology (SISAT), Institute for Innovation in Business and Social Research (IIBSOR) and as Visiting Researcher at Aalto UniversityLeGroupMedia Lab, Helsinki. 

He is also a Professional Associate with the College of Adjuncts at the University of Canberra, INSPIRE Centre engaged in national and international research projects.

As a web developer at the Australian National UniversityStrategic & Defence Studies Centre, School of International, Political and Strategic Studies (IPSS) he supports the Serving Our Country project, a history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the defence of Australia.


My name is Alexander Hayes - no middle name.

I acknowledge the past, present and future traditional custodians of our land, Australia. 

I know where I was born and to whom I identify with.

I identify as being born on the traditional lands of the Tharawal people (Dharawal) and Gweagal (Gwiyagal) "fire" clan, traditional custodians of the southern geographic regions of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The Australian Aboriginal Gweagal people made first contact (hostile) with James Cook and European occupiers at Kurnell, NSW Australia in April to early May 1770, within a few kilometres of my place of birth.

The Dharawal people are neighbours of the GandangaraDharug, YuinNgunawal and Wiradjuri peoples. In 1816, in a place called Appin, New South Wales only a few kilometres from where I was born a terrible massacre took place - one of many massacres that have happened in this land, my country, Australia.

My place of birth, my home place is Caringbah, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, which is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning 'pademelon wallaby' - a small, dark haired mammal that lives predominantly in bushland that surrounds this area, known as the Royal National Park. 

I was born of immigrant parents who first settled in Bexley, NSW Australia (Eora Nation) from Glasgow, Scotland in the late 1960's. I acknowledge my Scottish and Irish heritage, the vast Hayes clan which is spread across all continents of the world.

My Celtic animal totem is that of the Adder/Snake, February 18 - March 17 (born 20th February).

We moved as a Family to Kirrawee, NSW Australia in 1978. Kirrawee is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning 'lengthy'.

I lived between 1989 and 2004 in Bunbury, Western Australia and Perth, Western Australis on the traditional lands of the Nyungar people. Between 2004 and 2006 I lived and worked in the mid and north-west regions of rural and remote Western Australia on the traditional lands of the Martu (Mardu) and Wajarri (Watjarri) people.

Between 2007 and 2012 I lived in Orange NSW on the traditional lands of the Wiradjuri people, moving to Bungendore, NSW Australia in 2012, through 2013.

In 2014 I was told by a Dharug woman that my totem is that of the bat, which I have tattooed on my left shoulder. 

I now live in Canberra on the traditional lands of the Ngunnawal people.



Artist. Intellectual. PhD. Iconoclast. Bad boy...I have been called all sorts of things but only subscribe to one tag - 'artist'.

Life provides us with the opportunity to make good of what would otherwise turn us bad. Early life experiences forged me and as I grow older have come to realise do not define me. I continue to grow, learn and build great things - education, an inquisitive mind, imagination (not just intelligence) and trust, my foundation.

For most of my life I believed in what other people had to say of me , now, many years later I find myself helping people think through what they need to ask of themselves. I chose, like many others a road lesser travelled, in telling my #realstory openly and publicly in the hope that it might inspire others to do the same, to find the same wonderful things I have discovered in doing so.

This is my real story and here are the slides I use when I present publicly.