University of Wollongong - PhD. Candidate
Australian National University - Web Developer
University of Canberra, INSPIRE Centre - Professional Associate
IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology - Administrator
IEEE ISTAS13 Conference Site - Administrator
Technology & Society - Uberveillance - Author / Administrator
Historians of Australian Foreign Relations - Administrator
International Committee for the History of the Second World War - Administrator

Phd. (Engineering & Information Sciences) - University of Wollongong
Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) (Honours) - Curtin University
Bachelor of Arts (Education) - Edith Cowan University


I am researcher, web developer and data scientist with an interest in emergent technologies.

I am currently completing a PhD. at the University of Wollongong, NSW within the Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences (EIS), School of Informations Systems & Technology (SISAT), Institute for Innovation in Business and Social Research (IIBSOR) and as Visiting Researcher at Aalto UniversityLeGroupMedia Lab, Helsinki. 

My research is contributing to how academics and practitioners alike think critically about innovations such as Google Glass and related wearable technologies,. My research focus seeks to identify the implications and likely impacts of these technologies on society.

Associated research interests include social media, networked & mobile learning, unmanned aerial systems, policing, privacy, state-society relations and national security. 

As a web developer at the Australian National UniversityStrategic & Defence Studies Centre, School of International, Political and Strategic Studies (IPSS) he supports the Serving Our Country project, a history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the defence of Australia. I also have extensive experience over two decades of working in government, not-for-profit and private sectors in the Arts, Education, Justice and Welfare.

I am a Professional Associate with the College of Adjuncts at the University of CanberraINSPIRE Centre engaged in national and international research projects.